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mapka metro

Public transportation

Metro, trams, trains, city and suburban buses.


P+R, ZTP, commercial parking, prediction models



Statistics of issued cards, reasons for replacements


Bicycle transportation

Bikesharing, cycling infrastructure: bike lanes and counters

Kompresní koše

Compression containers

A pilot project

Urban furniture

Data from a pilot project of smart benches installation

Green roofs

Possible capacity of suitable green roofs

foto světla

Public lighting sensor network

Energy consumption, statistics of people moving in the pilot project area and other sensor data from the installed lamps.

Udržitelná metropole

Sustainable metropolis

A sustainable household in Prague: bio products, community gardens, local markets, bee hives

Odpadové hospodářství

Waste management

K bezodpadovému životu v HMP: statistiky produkce a nakládaní s odpadem, polohy kontejnerů


Chatbot - Lítačka

Helps to reply to the customers interested in Lítačka

Kvalita ovzduší

Air quality

Measurments of different pollution particles that have an impact on human health (historical and real-time data)