Every HR manager knows that it isn’t the ideal time to be hiring people and almost all of them are looking for capable team members. Nevertheless, even we have to deal with this challenge, because high-quality and enthusiastic colleagues are the basis of our project. We are looking for capable enthusiasts for our team that are interested in their environment, that are looking for new challenges and want to change something. Below we set out specific positions. However, if it seems to you that none of them suit you completely, but you know what you could contribute, don’t hesitate to send us your CV. Add a couple of sentences about what you enjoy and why you would consider working with us.

And what could you expect here? We work with all types of data, we process, visualise and connect data, and give them value. We then provide everything to the city and the public, always with a link to a specific problem or challenge for the city. We also create know-how by working with city data, in particular in the area of Smart Cities. We work in a team, we brainstorm, we meet the public, city companies and try to create something that nobody has created here before. That’s why working for us is entertaining, very varied and, in particular, makes sense. We base our intentions on a personal approach, genuineness and openness and always pay attention to an employee’s personal development.

Current job offers

Backend Data Platform Developer

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Data Platform Consultant

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Senior Data Analyst/Business Intelligence Specialist

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