Data Platform Team

The Data Platform project must be based primarily on people, analysts, developers and consultants. Without correct interpretation and processing, the data gathered are a mere storage depot. And it’s our team’s job to give the data value.

Project Manager

Michal Kraus


Michal is the head of the Smart Prague department; he handles science, research and innovation at the Data Platform Department. He is responsible for forming the Data Platform strategy in connection with the overall Smart Prague 2030 concept. Michal has more than 15 years’ experience in ICT, in particular in the realisation of software projects, implementing new solutions and managing implementation teams. He studied computer technology at the Czech Technical University’s Faculty of Electrical Engineering; he later studied economics and, as a post-graduate student, obtained an Executive MBA.


The Smart Cities idea does not consist of the isolated use of new technologies, but a long-term and comprehensive approach that, through innovative technology, changes people’s thinking and habits, offers them new alternatives, facilitates their everyday life and motivates them to create new patterns of behaviour.


Primarily sports - horse-riding, skiing and golf.

Benedikt Kotmel


Benedikt is the head of the Data Platform department. He is in charge of leading and developing the team, presenting the project to the public, communication with project partners and the city council, and managing key data projects. He is focused on creating a community around open data and connecting up users and owners of public data. Before he joined Operátor he managed the Ministry of Finance’s open data project, which won a number of awards for its contribution in the field of open data and transparency. Benedikt himself was then awarded the Křišťálová Lupa (Crystal Magnifier) prize for promoting open data. His work at the ministry was also devoted to public procurement and financial management in the public sector. In the past he has also worked as an advisor in IT & management consultancy and market research. He studied theoretical economics with a focus on mathematics, statistics and econometrics at the Institute of Economic Studies at Charles University in Prague. 


He sees his greatest motivation as being the opportunity to familiarise people with how the city works through data, while providing the city management with as much information as possible about its current status and development. What he enjoys most is the creative work with the entire data platform team. 


Besides data and politics, he also loves music, and plays the piano, guitar and accordion. He usually relaxes by backpacking around the Czech and Slovak countryside or going skiing in winter.

Data Analysts

Jan Vlasatý


Jan focuses on data visualisations. He processes and interconnects city data, but primarily visualises them. He earned his living as a full-stack developer for several years and now does a lot of work with graphic design. He creates functional prototypes of applications. After graduating from the Czech Technical University’s Faculty of Electrical Engineering, he participated in the development of many web projects, one of which was the open-source Cityvizor application, which visualises the income and expenditure of municipalities and towns and which has received awards from several independent juries.


Comprehensible data interpretation and a quality UX. Jan wants to use new tools to help everyone understand data and make good decisions based on them. He wants his work to help the city’s management and its inhabitants to live better in Prague.


He plays the violin and also - around the campfire - the guitar. His favourite active sports are football and ice hockey.

Tomáš Hronek


Tomáš focuses on data integration, data analysis and the creation of guidelines, specifications and recommendations in the data area. He previously worked in internal reporting at a bank, and also for a supplier providing BI solutions. He studied information systems and technology at the University of Economics in Prague.


To select data sets that make sense to integrate and publish. To provide data and information that help set limits for the sharing economy which, in some cases, can transform into businesses.


Dancing, psychology, new technologies.

Jan Bednář


Honza works as a junior Data Platform developer. The content of his work is integration of various interfaces and data sources into the Data Platform. His main focus is transport and parking. He is currently studying for a master’s degree in Cybernetics and Robotics at the Czech Technical University’s Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Prague. As a student he worked at the company Itelligence a.s., as a SAP Integration and Development Consultant, where he was involved in integration processes between SAP systems and various interfaces.


The city generates a huge amount of data that can be measured and analysed. His motivation is to improve the quality of city services using the data.


In his free time he likes playing sports such as volleyball, floorball and lacrosse. He is also head of the PS Paprsek Unhošť hiking group.

Valeriia Riazanova


Valeriia started as an intern focusing on environmental data analysis. She graduated in Environmental Studies and Sustainable Development at Palacký University in Olomouc, and is interested in addressing environmental and developmental problems in an urban context. She sees the Data Platform as being potentially beneficial not only in terms of providing data to the city and its citizens, but as a platform for their interconnection to ensure a better future for Prague. 


Her other professional interests and hobbies include participatory research, work with maps, and photography.


Jiří Vycpálek


Jirka is head of development and innovation at our company, and his focus and interest is still backend programming. At Operátor he is responsible for managing software projects, software architecture, development of web and mobile applications and the development of current systems, such as Lítačka. His main aim is to ensure quality and sustainable software. He has also been an OpenSource and open data fan since his student days. He came to Operátor to apply his experience not only from studying eGovernment in Tallinn, Estonia, and at the Czech Technical University’s Faculty of Information Technology, but also from development in business and academia, where, for example, he developed software that is used to process and visualize experimental data at CERN in Switzerland.


His main motivation is technological progress, the creation of projects that make sense and that have a real impact, improvements in the life of citizens and maintaining sustainable and quality software in an urban environment.


In addition to developing software in various forms, his main interests include sports mountain climbing (boulder and rope), film-making, reading, the countryside in any form and quantity, tourism, skiing, as well as physics, philosophy, politics or other special topics for self-education.

Tomáš Benák


Tomáš works in the development and innovation department as a backend developer. For more than a year he has been contributing to the development and administration of the websites for Lítačka, Smart Prague, Golemio and the My Prague mobile application. He joined the Operátor immediately after completing university. He graduated from the Faculty of Information Technology at the Czech Technical University in Prague, Software Engineering Department. His studies were focused on web technology, which he started to focus on at grammar school. In addition to the internet, he is interested in open data, in particular their machine processing and connection, which he focused on in his dissertation, entitled Learning the Domains of Named Entities.


His motivation is constantly discovering and improving web technologies, which he would like to use to develop the best and most useful applications.


His main interest is his girlfriend, with whom he likes travelling and attending cultural events. He is also a big ice hockey fan and has been since he was five. He is now involved in bandy hockey, the former popularity of which he and a group of enthusiasts are trying to renew.