Decide on the basis of a data!


For the Prague Data Platform we will focus on data areas with direct links to the specific needs of Prague, its citizens and its visitors. The main goal of the project is to enable continuous improvement in the quality of life, and for this it is essential that the city understands its data and is capable of effectively utilising them.


The integration of existing data with so-called sensor data and big data is a new opportunity offered by the time in which we are living. Processing and evaluating these data will provide an opportunity to find completely new views of problems and unique solutions to them. By combining the data we will have the opportunity to create entirely new data or to find relationships between areas or problems that are not seemingly connected. The goal of the Prague Data Platform is to take full advantage of this opportunity to provide the city, public organisations and municipal enterprises with a data sharing and processing service. The service will provide the public and private enterprises with data in an open format.

Decision-making and planning

The quality of decision-making and planning depends on knowledge of data about the current situation and correct predictions of future developments. This applies to all levels of the city and also the day-to-day life of its citizens. The city needs to use data at the level of both short-term and long-term strategic and crisis management, while regular Prague citizens need information about air quality, where they can park, about planned road closures and much more. Hence we will provide data that are the highest quality and most comprehensive possible so that all the stakeholders are able to make their own “evidence based” decisions.